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If you want to know more about adora-bull terrier recue centre’s purpose, who we are, our Rescue centre and how our adoption process works – you are at the right place.

Our Kennels

Our kennels are situated on a plot on the outskirts of Vereeniging. Never in a million years did we think we would make it this far from our humble beginnings where we rented space on a farm as well as various other boarding kennels. But we did and we are grateful.

Our kennels are our pride and joy. We currently have 50 grass kennels, 3 exercise runs with a fully equipped training area, a quarantine area for the very ill, a mums & pups room, and enough space and buildings to still do a lot of expanding.  The possibilities are endless to help the bull-Terrier breed. Dania Skone and our kennel staff reside at the kennels full time, to tend to the dogs’ needs 24/7.

Our Capacity As A Rescue Centre For Bull Terriers

Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation is responsible for 50 to 70 Bull Terriers at any given time. These are in our direct, and indirect care. In addition to our own kennels in Vereeniging, there are more Bull Terriers in boarding kennels across Gauteng, waiting to be moved to us. This all comes at an additional cost to the rescue.

At the moment we have a waiting list for Bull Terriers that need to join us in Vereeniging. There are also about 30 Bull Terriers that are not in our care but that need to be rehomed for various reasons. We also keep an eye on Bull Terriers handed into kill shelters, and do our utmost best to move them into a safe home before they have reached their time limit in the kill shelter. Unfortunately the situation for many animals and their safety are progressively declining. There are more dogs in need than what our capacity allows us to assist

Beyond the food and maintenance cost for the Bull Terriers, our biggest expense remains the vet fees. The average vet fee per month for approximately 50 dogs is R35 000. In order to cover these expenses, we rely on the goodwill from our supporters and the public for donations. 

All Bull Terriers in our care are vaccinated, micro-chipped and sterilised prior to rehoming. Our Rescue Centre care does not end here. In the past there have been Bull Terriers that were in need of physiotherapy, hydro-therapy and even prosthetic enhancements to help them walk.

We have a wonderful network of veterinarians and service providers that are very kind to us and our Bull Terriers. They supply a service to us at rescue rates, and sometimes do not charge at all.

Adora-Bull also believes in paying forward and giving back to families in need.  There have been numerous cases where we have provided and paid for vet care to families who were unable to afford it.

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Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue Cases

Here are some of our most heart breaking cases that Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue were involved in. In most of these cases there were little to no hope that they would survive. But through determination, proper medical treatment, care and love they not only survived, they now have loving families and are leading extraordinary lives



Heidi, rescued September 2014:

Heidi was Found crawling, half dead along the street in Heidelberg.

Heidi - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Monty, rescued April 2015:

Monty, founded by bikers, was neglected, starved and covered in mange.

Monty - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Hope, rescued June 2015:

Hope was found neglected and covered in mange.

Hope - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Polly, rescued January 2016:

Polly was found on a rubbish dump site in Krugersdorp, worst case of mange seen.

Polly - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Danny, rescued April 2016:

Danny was found neglected, starved and full of mange in Danville.

Danny - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Tiger, rescued June 2016:

Tiger was found neglected and full of mange. Passed on several times to different homes.

Tiger - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Cody, rescued August 2016:

Cody was found starved, half dead in a ditch in Pretoria North. Was used as a bait dog in dog fighting.

Cody - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Bella B, rescued July 2017:

Bella was found starved in a veld.

Bella - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Duke, rescued September 2017:

Duke was found neglected and beaten.

Duke - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Onyx, rescued December 2017:

Onyx was found with severe wounds and a hole in his thorax.

Onyx - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Reese, December 2017:

Reese was found with his throat slit at a junk yard.

Reese - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Joey, rescued July 2018:

Joey was found neglected and full of mange. Surrendered.

Joey - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

George, rescued July 2018:

George was found malnourished with mange, and weighing 11kgs.

george BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Carlun, rescued January 2019:

Carlun was found malnourished and weighing 11kgs. Surrendered.

carlun - beforerAdora bull -rescue cases

Angel, rescued November 2019:

Angel was found malnourished and burnt with boiling water. Surrendered.

angel - beforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Blade, rescued March 2020:

Blade was found as a stray, attacked by other dogs, badly wounded.

Blade - BeforeAdora bull -rescue cases

Zorro, rescued May 2020:

Zorro was founded by Afripaw malnourished and weighing less than 10kgs. Surrendered to Adora-Bull

zorroAdora bull -rescue cases

Lastly, our little warrior, Angel, rescued September 2017:

Owner wanted to kill her for being disabled. She has no use of her front legs

In Conclusion

In 2013, Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue and Rehabilitation started off with a mere R2 000 in the bank, and a few kennels. Many did not know the rescue existed. Today, after 8 years we are operating as a fully functional organisation. We have established and maintained kennels, are known to many and continue to grow in the amount of dedicated supporters.

We are a small committed team in comparison with other animal shelters, but similar to our Bull Terriers, we never back down from a challenge! We are tenacious and demand attention. Our hearts are big and we will sacrifice anything, and go to the depths of hell to help. To all of us, this organization is our heartbeat! It has incorporated itself as part of our souls in our day to day existence.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration

Dania Skone        

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