Adopting A Bull Terrier

All dogs should be handled with love and respect. Rescue Bull Terriers with even more love! We firmly believe that you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. And that every rescue Bull Terrier, chooses their new family, not the other way around!


All dogs should be handled with love and respect. Rescue Bull Terriers with even more love! We firmly believe that you don’t get the dog you want, you get the dog you need. Every rescue Bull Terrier, chooses their new family, not the other way around!

We at Adora-Bull are passionate about our Bull Terriers, and finding them the right forever homes are on the top of our priority list. When we rescue, rehome or take a Bull Terrier into our care, they become part of the rescue family. Our adoption process is strict but we strive to find a perfect home, not just a home.

It might happen fast in some cases, and it might take some time in others! We have had cases where it took a week from applying to adopting and in other cases it took several months to find the right fit. We also do not put a “hold” on a Bull Terrier. If an application isn’t complete, is delayed or is not received in due time, we cannot in good conscience keep a Bull Terrier back from another good home.

This cannot be stressed enough- WE ARE NOT IN THE SECURITY BUSINESS! Adora-Bull dogs are NOT security dogs, nor will we home a Bull Terrier if we get the idea that they are only looking for a security dog! If one cannot love a dog like a family member, then do not get one for the dogs only know how to look at you as a pack member, which is family to them, which they in turn will protect.

Rescuing is a process. And patience is key here. If someone cannot have patience with the process, then how will they have patience with a Bull Terrier trying to find their feet in a new home and environment? Surely in that case they should not have a dog or a Bull Terrier for that matter.

Adora-Bull staff are volunteers. We do not receive any financial or other gain from rescue. We do this for the love of the Bull Terrier breed! Not because we have to, but because they are our passion. Working with a rescue is hard work, physically and emotionally. We have our own full time jobs and our own families that we take time away from to try and assist as quickly as possible.  Therefore, we kindly ask people to have some understanding and patience. During the adoption process we are available at all times for advice, tips, guidance or reassurance.

A Word of Warning from Dania Skone

Wanting to adopt, and give a Bull Terrier a life it deserves, is a noble thought and act. But wanting to do something this selfless, and carrying it through to the end, are 2 different things. The reality is, adopting is a major step you are taking. You are inviting a stranger into your home. There are going to be growing pains. There are going to be trying times. You will be tested as a person.

It is incomprehensible to take a Bull Terrier home and bring them back after 3 weeks because the Bull Terrier is just not right for you or too much work.
This says more about you as a person than it does about the Bull Terrier.

Can you imagine what the Bull Terrier you discard will go through emotionally? Being put in a kennel, being taken out and given a glimpse of a home and life, and then having it ripped away again and placed back in a kennel.

Please make sure you are 110% committed to seeing this through. We will be there alongside to help you through this. But please be sure!!!!

Our adoption rules and regulations are there for a reason. PLEASE FOLLOW THEM FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR ADOPTED BULL TERRIER!


I want to take this opportunity to introduce you to Pepper. Pepper was adopted from us by a loving family. Pepper was stolen from her home when the family left her alone in the front yard for 5 minutes. They searched for Pepper for 2 months, finally tracking her down in a dog fighting ring. They got her back, but unfortunately Pepper succumbed to her wounds 2 days later.



pepper - after 1Adora bull -rescue cases
pepper after 2Adora bull -rescue cases


This is the reality of what happens to any dog that gets stolen. Please make sure you protect your fur-child from a fate worse than death


Lastly, take note that we are in the animal rescue business, NOT in the customer service/consumer satisfaction business. We are here to keep our dogs happy and loved. You will always get honesty and straight talk from us.

Adoption Process

The next section detailing the adoption process will show you how thorough we are when placing a Bull Terrier in a home. There are generally 6 steps in the adoption process:

STEP 1 – Making up your Mind to Rescue

The adoption process starts with making up your mind to rescue. By rescuing a Bull Terrier, you are making a commitment to that dog to give it a better life than what it had. You are also committing to accepting the rescue bull terrier’s flaws, to love it and to work with it no matter what.

Take note once again, this cannot be stressed enough- WE ARE NOT IN THE SECURITY BUSINESS!

Adora-Bull dogs are NOT security dogs, nor will we home a bull terrier with you if we get the idea that you are only looking for a security dog! If you can’t love a dog like a family member, then don’t get one for they only know how to look at you as a pack member, which is family to them, which they in turn will protect.

Social media has helped a lot to get the plight of rescue dogs out there, and it is a perfect way to network dogs for homes. One thing that happens quite often, is that people will see pictures of a dog online, and immediately fall in love. But just because you see a picture perfect dog, it does not mean it is the right fit for you or your family. The dog you may have your heart set on, might not be the right one for you, but there is always a perfect match. Meet as many dogs as possible. In most cases where we have had families come to our kennels to meet a specific bull terrier they saw online, they ended up adopting a totally different bull terrier.

Always keep an open mind. If you are not willing to consider other options, or are not open to other suggestions, you seriously need to rethink wanting to rescue.

There is no love like that of a second chance at it if you are an only dog home, looking at offering a dog who has been in kennels a long time a spot in your life.

STEP 2 – The Application

Secondly comes the application process. Important things to remember when applying to adopt a bull terrier, is always to be forthright and honest with information and to complete all documentation to the best of your ability.

Before you start with the adoption application, kindly take note that for the safety of our dogs, we require them to sleep indoors or in a secure area at the back of the premises at night. We only home our dogs to homes where all other existing pets are sterilized. Only exceptional circumstances will be considered to the contrary. Adora-Bull reserves the right to turn down any home where the existing animals are not sterilized, as we are pro-life and do not condone breeding of any kind.

Applicants must be willing and able to spend the relevant time and money to provide the required medical treatment, training and care of their adopted dog.

Mention any crime or poisoning incidents on your property and how you have tried to curb any such things and keep your animals safe.

Mention all animals even when not a dog. Some dogs don’t like cats, birds or horses.

Share any other significant information about your current pets or circumstances. Only when we are given honest and upfront information can we make educated decisions to match you and your family with the right bull terrier.

It’s very important to realize that we have the right to decline an adoption if we feel the overall application does not meet the bull terrier/Adora-Bull Rescue criteria.

Most important, be gracious and accept the decision of the organisation. If you’re not happy ask what you can do to change things. We are all human and the rescue will never judge if all avenues have been used to attempt to find a happy medium.

STEP 3 – Home Check

Thirdly comes the home check. After evaluating your application, a decision is then made to send it on to one of the Adora-Bull reps to schedule a home check. We will try to get the home check done as quickly as possible, but please allow approximately 2 weeks for this to happen. Two weeks may seem like a long time to a person waiting for a response from a rescue, but it’s actually not at all. Most of the team at Adora-Bull are extremely busy tending to all the bullies in our care on a daily basis. Patiently check in now and again if your request has not been answered. Leave all your correct details and await feedback.

You will have to agree to a full property check. Our volunteer will take you through each step and highlight the importance of this property/home check. Nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of our dogs. Bull Terriers are a power breed, and therefore are prone to getting stolen and used in dog fighting rings. Make no mistake, dog fighting syndicates in South-Africa are real and operate in all areas and suburbs, even the most prominent, wealthiest areas.

It doesn’t matter how loving you are and what a great life you can offer the bull terrier, if your walls and fencing are not up to scratch, we will not give you a Adora-Bull dog. For a house in a security complex behind boomed gates, a 6ft wall will do. But for a normal street access house, we require a split property with the dog kept at the back, behind 2 sets of walls or fences. Please note that we consider walls and palisades as viable fences, not normal wire mesh fences.

Because dogs are getting stolen for fighting clubs, or poisoned in break-ins on a daily basis, we also expect our bull terriers to sleep inside the house, or at the back of a split property, in a secure, warm and cosy kennel, with no way to be reached. It is also a proven fact that dogs sleeping inside, have a better chance of protecting and alerting you to any imminent danger.

Once the home check is finalised and feedback given by the rep to our homing team, you will then be notified whether the application was successful or turned down. We will always give feedback, and give you the opportunity to change what is needed. Again, be gracious and accept the decision of the organisation. If you’re not happy ask what you can do to change things. We are all human and the rescue will never judge if all avenues have been used to attempt to find a happy medium. We have had several cases where we have made suggestions to applicants on what they need to change, and they have done so because of their commitment to rescue. Others have opted not to go further and the process has ended there, amicably!

STEP 4 – Analysing the Information

A successful home check means we can move to the next step in the process, which is done by the Adora-Bull homing team. Considering all the provided information we were given, we analyse your application in order to make a decision on the best fit.  We take this responsibility very seriously. All the bull terriers in our care have been vetted by our behaviourists. It is extremely important for us to place the right bull terrier with the right family as we also do not want the bull terrier to come back to the kennels. This can be damaging to their spirit and mental health going back and forth.

If you are a home with no existing pets, or planning on being an only dog home, it makes the process so much easier. We generally then invite you to our kennels to meet our Bull Terriers. This will allow you time to see who you bond with and which Bull Terrier bonds with you. The adoption process from there on happens quite quickly. We will guide you through every step of the way with regards to which Bull Terrier might be a good fit for you and your family.

If you are a multi pet home, there are many other factors we consider when placing a bull terrier. These factors include the family size, their needs, energy levels, life style, environment, children, existing pets and their socialisation etc. We will then put suitable bull terriers forward, and arrange a meet and greet with your own pets.

Take note that this process may take some time as we might not always have the right Bull Terrier at that specific time that suits your family and current pets’ needs. This is where communication and patience are again very important.

STEP 5 – Meet and Greet Process

The second last significant step is the meet and greet opportunity.  We usually do a meet and greet on a Saturday morning. It is important that the Bull Terrier has time to settle in with the family before they leave the house on the Monday. It is also very important that the bull terrier has a calm environment for the weekend to adjust to the major change in its life.

If the meet and greet was successful, please ensure that only your direct family is present and no additional people. What to expect and do when you get a rescue bull terrier is covered in the following section (I GOT a SHELTER/RESCUE DOG – NOW WHAT? by Louise Thompson on page 19)

We will always do a meet and greet on neutral grounds to start off. Where possible, two Adora-Bull reps will handle the dogs while you as the owner will stay on the side line and watch. If you need to help, the Adora-Bull rep will explain the process, and what you need to do. It is vitally important to stay calm and focussed at all times. The Bull Terrier will sense if you are nervous and will react to your emotional state.

Meet and greets can in some cases take a few hours, so please make sure you have enough time available with no other plans. Once the Adora-Bull rep is convinced that it is going well and there is potential that the dogs will get along, the meet and greet will then move to the property to assess the dogs at home. Pending how they react at home, and around the family, the rep will then make a decision.

If the Adora-Bull rep observes any warning signs, or has any doubt that there might be issues, they will rather suggest another meet and greet, or suggest another dog altogether. But you will be kept in the loop and communicated with.

We have had meet and greets which have been successful in the first five minutes of the dogs meeting. We have also then had multiple meet and greets with different dogs which have not panned out. Please bear with us and have patience with the process. Also listen to our Adora-Bull reps as we will always be open and honest with you on what needs to happen, or needs to be done. Please do not get disheartened if a meet and greet did not go as you expected. You have to take into consideration that not all dogs will get along, pretty much like people, you will meet some people you like, and some people you’ll want to stay away from.

STEP 6 – The Contract, Adoption Fee and There-after

If all went well, and all parties and the dogs are happy, a contract will then be signed by Adora-Bull and you as adopter. The contract is there to protect the bull terrier in question, and states that the relevant adopted bull terrier will remain the charge of the rescue for their lives. This is to protect the bull terrier from any unforeseen circumstances where he/she can no longer be looked after or in cases of death, divorce, etc. The contract will be sent to you before the meet and greet, to read and go through.

We at Adora-Bull build a relationship with our adopters. We do not disappear after placing a dog. You become part of the Adora-Bull family. Your triumphs with your bull terrier as a family is our joy and driving force. Please stay in touch with the rescue organisation. We appreciate monthly feedback and renewed pics so that we can continue to share your happy stories with our supporters.

Same goes for any issues encountered. We are here to help and guide you as best as we possibly can. Where we do not have the expertise to help, we will point you in the direction of qualified behaviourists who can help. As mentioned, once you’ve adopted one of the rescue bull terriers you become part of a huge network and bull terrier family.

Lastly to cover the Adoption Fee. We do not have a set adoption fee and the amount may vary from person to person, we prefer to discuss this detail in confidence with our new adoptive owners. Under no circumstances will a bull terrier leave the rescue without being sterilised, micro chipped and vaccinated. All at cost to the rescue. With regards to funding we rely solely on the generosity and goodwill from members of the public.

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